Figments of Mimi

Sometimes I truly believe I’ve lost my mind. And, that’s the truth!

I mean, it’s not as though I don’t have enough on my plate, but to keep up a blog… Don’t. Even. Get. Me. Started.

You can find my previous, copy-righted short stories, poetry, and book excerpts at the blog that was stolen (yes, legal steps were taken to no avail; it’s gone from my control to some foreign control) —

That’s me…the EIGHTH Deadly Sin — hehehe

I paint — in fact, i’m a painting crazy cowgirl and that’s another truth.

I also write…I have so many voices with stories at the edge of my brain, well, I just can’t write fast enough. Muse helps, but he gets side-tracked into a different story or maybe a poem or he drags me to the easel to paint. Thank G-d for Mona! She keeps me on task, otherwise I seriously doubt I’d ever finish anything.

Suppose you’d like to see C2 (2nd Chance/Chance the Second), since Mona brought him up on her page–it’s his baby/puppy pic… He’s a pug who had life-saving surgery and 7 weeks of age. C2 is the clown of the family. The pic? Well, he was at his favorite place, the dog park, running and jumping and tumbling and panting and heading straight for me.


Meanwhile, getting this horse back on the trail…

I make stuff up. Some of it has been published internationally and some in anthologies. Some of the stuff is on varying sized canvases that have been shown in galleries and shared on blog sites.

I experiment with some of the things I write–sometimes the experiments are a great success…sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads before you get to the real Prince Charming (rmbt rgj bdpc), and sometime the writings need to be shoveled with the rest of the horse manure.

I’m the Bad Girl of the Grand Canyon State; I’m sassy and if I lived in the early 1800s in England, I’d be labeled a “blue stocking”because I’m an Intelligent, Independent, Happy Female!!!

I’m a Cowgirl.

I’m an Artist.

I’m an Author.

I LOVE life and I intend to have fun forever!!!

I’m a princess. I have proof.








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