Even Cowgirls Like A Good Story

Yeah, that’s me…Mona Arizona, the boot stompin’, horse ridin’, doin’ it all in reverse and laughin’ all the while cowgirl. What I really appreciate is a whoppin’ good story whether it be a thriller, a romance (a touch of eroticism sure won’t hurt), a western, a mystery, a comedy…well, I think you get my drift. I also like tellin’ stories. Matter of fact, i have two erotic romance stories published in two separate anthologies–by Rebel Ink Press. In case you have a mind to read one or two, look for “Once Upon A Twisted Tale” and “Tempting Cupid.”

I like Pink – well, sometimes a gal just has to be a gal and nothing says feminine better ‘n PINK…I like these pink shoes, but….

most likely you’ll find me in my boots

Mona in the corral

I find boots are ’bout the most comfortable things to wear, unless you wear nothin’…just go barefoot. Problem is, when you’re around horses and on a ranch, barefootin’ it in the house is ’bout all you can do…safely.

When Mimi and I aren’t riding or walking her clown of a dog C2 the amazing pug, you can find us doin’ research for some new story, or we’ll be arguing with her muse about just exactly what ought to be put down in words, or we’ll be eatin’ and laughin’ out on the patio as we talk about our next story or poem.

‘Spose y’all were expectin’ to see a photo of me and I surely do hate to disappoint my readers…boy, I surely hate to do that. <looks up at Mimi–“hey, Mims…what if I post a photo of me and you?”–smiling when she nods–what a gal!>

< Chuckling to self> Sure looks like a page for folks with a foot fetish…

Well, like I said, I like a whoppin’ good tale and that photo surely reminds me of one…we posted it on our other blog–shhh, Mims doesn’t much feel in the mood to discuss what happened to that blog. Well, it’s the only reason this blog is up…to replace the one that got stole right out from under our feet! Sure enough, that’s the truth. So, we’ll be postin’ the things we pen right here on this new blog…with a new name.

Thanks for stoppin’ by…y’all enjoy our blog, hear?

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