First Musings of Mimi and Mona

Please excuse us while we get our new blog dressed…someone seems to have taken our last blog and left us bare.

Anyway…Hi. Hello. Buenos Dias. Howdy. Welcome to this new blog of ours and won’t you take your boots off and stay awhile?

Mimi and Mona here — the proud owners of this new People Tub. If you or someone you know needs a bath, give us a call.

(I couldn’t find an artist’s name for the above print…only the initials DHU)

Please stop by our personal pages for a brief, but hopefully friendly, message about us.

I could say this bites, but maybe it’s better to just be my optimistic self and say “oh, look…Mimi and Mona have a brand new opportunity to either bore or entertain the masses who will be rushing to read our NEW BLOG — Author Musings and Poetry.”

I’m pretty sure what this zoo pic is saying is that you just can’t fence in Mimi/Mona!! I’m not so sure that is WHY the pic was taken, however. Well, there’s a reason for this new blog. I vented about it on my FB page and then I called my attorney. I WILL get the 2 1/2 years of my “copyrighted” short stories, poems, and book excerpts, and my blog posts on my other blog returned to me.

I decided creating a whole new blog would be a heap more acceptable than anyone dropping by having to listen to me sing (my Grand Mary called it  caterwauling).

Well, here’s just a little something to WELCOME you until we get our page all gussied up and ready to be ridden.

I Have a Secret
Red Is the Color of Lust

Copyright  ©Mona Arizona2012

All Rights Reserved

Mimi Wolske – Mona Arizona™

’Twas once upon a summer’s eve,

When on my downy bed I waited

For the sweet sound of my lover’s call,

The white heat of this maiden’s desire

Was set afire by pictures from

He whose voice seductively enticed

Me to surrender and succumb

This summer’s perfumed eve

With the red of the wildest rose

And the partial darkness of moon’s light;

He took me solely with heated words

That mesmerized me from afar.

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