There’s No Giraffe Saying, “I Want To Be A Dancer” or, He Never Became The Product of Society

I believe before you can state how a poem (or a novel) has challenged your understanding of human nature, it is necessary to first define human nature— or at least to look up someone else’s definition of human nature.

Secondly, I believe you should try to explain your understanding of the various forms of human nature —if you’ve ever studied philosophy or read philosophy books, this task will be easier for you. I believe there are philosophical souls, warrior souls, artisan souls, spiritual souls, and so on. So, a character’s human nature would depend on the type of soul s/he has (been given).

Thirdly, you will need to discuss the human nature(s) of the character(s) in the poem (novel).

And lastly, you are ready to discuss IF and HOW the poem (novel) challenged your understanding of the human nature of the character(s).

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t believe I am.

artisan soul

©There’s No Giraffe Saying, “I Want To Be A Dancer”
or, He Never Became The Product of Society
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

Immature, not intelligent or street smart,
Charley was the man they teased,
The one they kidded and called names.
He didn’t understand they were only
Playing tricks on him; he misunderstood
When they got him addicted to cigarettes and beer;
When they taunted him each time they caught him
Looking at a pretty girl across the room—
They played him like an instrument
And he never understood their friendship wasn’t real.

Charley’s social skills were that of a child
And it hurt him when his peers forgot to ask him,
“Would you like to go out to lunch with us?”
It hurt him when strangers pointed at him and laughed.
It hurt him when his boss became angry with
The way he did his job or didn’t do something
He should have done because he forgot.
His anger came out in his art; art soothed him.
When his boss, his peers, and strangers saw his
Paintings, they were in awe of his talent, but never told him.

The people in his life and the strangers who
Experienced the sensitivity of a man who so ably
Painted the beauty of nature, the brightness of love,
The empathy of emotion from girl he painted who was
Sobbing, were so overwhelmed they realized the
Starkness of their prejudice and judgements.
Some were incapable of expanding their idea
Of human nature; some avoided him as they
Would a cannibal inviting them to lunch;
Some wanted to know him. But, all were envious.

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