My Year In Books as presented by Goodreads


I really tried to put down into words (aka — review) many of the books I read this year…all books were recorded on Goodreads and I hope my reviews provided any followers with reasons why I liked or did not like a particular one…I tried to leave the book reports to those who like to share that type of book post.

Anyway, I don’t find one genre dominating any other but there seem to be some authors who had me looking for other books they had written.  The book that I read with the Highest Rating on Goodreads, “Riding the Centipede” and it was written by my Facebook friend John Claude Smith. I strongly recommend this to those of you who can’t get enough of neo-thrillers/suspense. I have read previous books by him, but I really liked this one and as you will see by clicking on the link, so did others who read it.

“The Girl on The Train” by Paula Hawkins was the most popular book I read this year and I highly recommend it. IF you’re interested in eroticism at it’s funniest and most clever, I recommend “Killing Johnny Fry” by Walter Mosley. OR, IF you’re interests lean toward Sci-Fi, I cannot recommend “The Lathe of Heaven” by Ursula K. Le Quin enough and “Kindred” by Octavia E. Butler; this story was a bit of a pleasing surprise and, yes, another recommendation.

In the romance genre, I can’t get enough from my two favorite authors Hannah Howell and Anna Campbell.

Please, take a glance at My Year in Books and find other authors who managed to drag me into their adventures and left me wanting more…

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