©I Can’t Get off The I-Love-You Merry-Go-Round


Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

 It began one evening so
chilly that when I gazed
through my lacey-frost-adorned
window to unwrap the sunset,
like some obsequious lover,
the tender presence of your
memory carried me to that
moment of lingering sighs
at dusk and stardust dreams.
You are an endless dream
from which there is no waking.
I fear I have dreamed of you
for so long you are no longer
real; that the feel of your lips when
we kiss is a phenomenon,
and it would be as unfeasible
to press my lips to yours
as it would be to feel
the warmth from a stranger’s.
That cold night, when
looking out my bedroom window,
I found you out of reach
in my reality and an
illusion in my dreams.
You have been so much a dream
and for so long, I’m unsure I can
get off of this I-love-you
merry-go-round or out of
the nakedness of this dream—
I just wouldn’t know how.

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