Mimi and Mona Poetry: I’m Still Hiding

found on pinterest

©I’m Still Hiding
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

I’m still hiding
in my own little word
I can do anything
i’m not one
to carry the world on my shoulders
i create worlds
with words and paint
Smile…it’s Wednesday, i think
and i’m drinking Starbucks no matter
how anti-Starbucks some are becoming
if you can’t hate politics
or a country
or a person
or a religion
or a race
or a sexual preference that is someone’s life choice
or medicine designed to help
or your job
or someone else’s job
then HATE
hate hate hate
but let me alone
i don’t hate
all this hating makes my head sick
makes my heart ache
makes my soul agonize
i have a universe of love on my shoulders
and there’s no room for hate

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