Mimi and Mona poetry: I Hid All Day


I Hid All Day
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

i hid all day
i might all day tomorrow, too
maybe longer
maybe not
who knows
the voices in my head are having another “discussion”
everyone wants to come out and play
i need to stay active
i need quiet time
i can’t get the thoughts or my mind to slow down
or make the stories and pictures come to a halt
i do like the background music, though
and i can’t get everything to paper before it’s gone
yet, there is the “want” inside of me
this “bucket list”
i want to continue with the painting
i want to continue the poem
i want to continue the story
i want to take dancing lessons
is there a fool around? i want to kiss a fool
i want to read as many books on as many different subjects as i can before i die
but, who knows
tomorrow i’ll wake up and the plan for the day will be completed
my list of priorities will sit on the table before me
i want to switch everything around, reprioritize
if i could slow down time
i could get everything done
and not be so anal about perfection
i know something is not right
but I’m not going to be the one to ask what it is
i should
i really should
maybe i will tomorrow…or the next day
i cannot be the only person who understands:
stop the world, i want to get off
I Hid All Day

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