©Défilé de la Femme d’âge Mûr (PARADE OF THE MATURE WOMAN)

mature woman1

Through the desert purples
I fell into hazes of
What you referred to as the
Virtues of favored gentleness
And of compassion but
Which on their own
Were part of the lonely air
That descended like a cerement
That disguised independence and youth
That were no more than myself.

mature woman2

What are the answers to those
Secrets that like a highway
Are racing to an end?
Who are those who are
Starved for sacred memories
Of future ancients who
Would share the truth?
Am I so hooked on you
That like a habit I need you to
Expose yourself to me?

mature woman3

A single syllable is like
A knife to the soul unless we
Keep the passage of time safe.
Thieves stalk us, the gods
And the goddesses of
Venomous, poisonous stings,
Wanting our treasure.
I need to see it all,
Have every touch it…
It is my world into which I walk:

mature woman4

This is my world awake
Or sleeping; it is where
I walk; it’s my knowledge of
Things I see for myself,
Things I hear around me,
Things I have felt and still
Feel, so they are from no one
But myself and which I confess
Your acceptance pleases me since
All are me most honestly and strangely.

Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved
(The first stanza is the announcement (to you) that “she” fell into maturity and we can see the fall was complete as the first stanza is in past tense. It was completed but we see there is some anxiety about her inner descent and her relationship with the man who pointed out her admirable feminine qualities. We see her doubt expressed in the three questions comprising the second stanza that probe concepts related to inner life through sense and emotion. The third stanza answers the questions of the second and whatever doubts she has about her fall via her wild imagination she is able to contain and she confesses to the man she wants and appreciates his acceptance. The poem ends with a coda that is introduced by a colon and that any doubt or anxiety was only a product of her vivid imagination. She shares (with you) that she is happy and aware that she is both the traveler and the traveled rough terrain of maturing: “Your acceptance pleases me since / All are me most honestly and strangely.”)


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