No I Said Laughing Out Loud; That’s NOT Where You Spray (true story of my fragrance adventure)

So, you know how you have ONE fragrance you love and you love it so much you even buy the cologne, too, and you swear you’ll never switch because nothing could smell better?

Maybe the guys have that one after shave/cologne that is their all time fav, too.

Well, a perfume sales lady/sample sprayer was offering to spray your arm (so she could make sales…hey, it’s a good gimmick for women who don’t have a fave already). She stopped me, but I said I was wearing some so could she just spray it on one of those test strips.

I took it and sniffed it as I walked away.

I did an about face.

OMG! I love it! And it was about as inexpensive as Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue or Eau De Private Collection Perfume by Estee Lauder frangrances and I’ve heard of this fragrance before, but I never bothered even sampling….

I confess, I am a fragrance/perfume snob.

One sniff & I knew I had a new favorite.

“Do you have an alcohol rub that i could use to clean off my fragrance so I can just shower in this?”

It’s called Ellen Tracy Eau De Parfum by Ellen Tracy and I recognized the base scents, and the middle; even the tip scents. The sales sprayer arched her eyebrows to indicate she seriously doubted I, a mere woman, not even a countess or anything, could recognize more than one or two of the scents.

So I said, “I can smell and am mesmerize by notes of cinnamon and sandalwood and something…something…is it tonka bean? And definitely musk, and peach and rose…I love musk and rose and sandalwood and cinnamon together in fragrances.”

See? I am a fragrance snob.

She lightly sprayed my wrists and then, when she went to get the large 3.4 oz bottle and ring up her sale, I sprayed my neck and my elbow pits and I smelled like heaven…I still do.

Now, *putting on my best British snob facial expression* my favorite REAL perfume (which can be found at Bergorf Goodman, Saks 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus in the U.S.), when I dared to sample it, is the men’s The Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Jubilee cologne (the women’s fragrance is okay, too, but the the men’s is more powerful and I really like it and I do wear men’s cologne sometimes…I’ve been doing that since high school).

okay, i’m a quirky fragrance snob.

They charge you just to sniff a sample, that’s how expensive it is.

I’m Kidding You!

Okay, i’m a quirky fragrance snob who can laugh at herself but smells damn good while she’s doing it.

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