Mimi-Mona Poetry: Turnabout Is Fair Play — Explicit Language, You Must Be 21 Yrs or Older

keep her where she belongs

©Turnabout Is Fair Play

Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved


I want to scream

I want you to see me scream

I want you to hear me scream

That the very things that drew you to me

You have turned against me

You have ridiculed me

Turned others against me

Punished me for those very traits you once loved

What things?

Give me one example…one

One? Yes, that is easy

My passion

You loved my passion for everything

Even the passion I had, I have, for you

But, because a couple of immature females

Falsely accused me of attacking them

When in reality I only defended myself

Against their attacks of me

You labeled my passion jealousy

Ha! What ws as plain as the

Expression on your face

Was that it was those two

Who were jealous of me

And our relationship

Their agendas?

To tear us apart

What did you do?

You fell for it

You created another space

You said to everyone

Come to my new space

To the two jealous cats

You said, She will not be invited

You cut me out of your activities

You cut me from a part of your life

The part where we played, had fun

When you chased other women

I passionately reacted

You cried Jealousy

I snapped Anger, Loss of Trust

You pulled father away

Excluded me from other areas

Of your life…oh, but you let me know

They existed and who was included

I bit my tongue afraid

If I said anything

You would cry Jealousy


I want to scream Fuck You

Can’t you see

You’ll never be safe in the hands of another woman

Any woman

Yes, yes

I remember you said

We are both adventurers

Exploring the limits

Couldn’t you see you blocked my limit

Someone poisoned you to an equal’s affects

You said I love having power


You said you wanted to satisfy my desires

I’ll satisfy you…tell me how

Tell me what you want you said

Were you nuts, a mad visionary,

A sexual fanatic

Didn’t you know you couldn’t conquer

Every woman via the internet

But you did anything to attain your dream

A dream of dominance over every woman

When you took me and declared

You are now part of the Wolf’s pack

I wanted to protest

You wanted to prove your love for me

The way lovers in your dream did

By making me suffer

I found that repulsive

You knew I was not good a role playing


I am not like any other woman

I am I

I will not renounce my identity

I will not cow tow and whine and complain like them

I have no desire to be like them

And I have no reason to be jealous of females like them

What do you want from ME

What do you fucking want?!

Because this is not control

This is abuse

And I am strong enough to say

I will not let you abuse me

So what do you want



The ME that is the woman

You were drawn to

The woman of passion

Who wasn’t just another stupid cunt?

I couldn’t play the latter part

Even if I was an actress

That part was just too hard for me

You wanted me to stay?

You should have begged me

That’s what you would have expected from me

You could have shown me


You thought I had you in my power

But I didn’t

You were never in my power

I was, I am in yours

You were not my slave,

You dominated me

It’s sexist

You told me I had the power

But you had it, not me

The more you thought you submitted

The more you were in control


It’s complicated

It’s complicated?

If I were truly in control

I would have insisted you show me

Absolute submission

You would be my slave

body and soul

I would have you sign a contract

Of which you would not

Dictate the terms

You would have proved to me you trusted me

As you expected

As you continue to expect me to trust you

And you would have call me “Madame”


It is more degrading

You would have spoken only when spoken to

Or when I let you

You would have served me my meals

And waited outside the door of whatever room I am in

For my orders

You would have dressed me in the morning

You would have undressed me at night

Handed me my stockings

Put my shoes on my feet

And I would have called you “Wolf”

You would have worn what I gave you—nothing else

You would have found me

Stubborn and willful

If I was in command

The more you resisted

The more I would have insisted

If you protested

I would slapped your face

Then kissed it

Then stroked the cheek I slapped

Did that hurt Darling?

You would have had to reply, Yes; exquisitely


What? Suddenly I’m the wicked witch

Where will this all end? you ask

End? We haven’t even started

Couldn’t you see I was not the one in control

That it was you who made

Every Single Decision

When you would talk to me

When you would see me

Where I could reach you
How I must contact you

Who among your friends

I could interact with

How I should have conducted myself around them

You wanted to strip away everything that was me

Leave me naked and humiliated

In front of your other friends


What do you fucking want?!


You think I didn’t understand your game

That you wanted to use me, to subjugate me

Suddenly your phone rang

You reached in your pocket

You looked at me and walked away

Away from my hearing

You knew exactly what I would suspect

With all the passion in me

I wanted to run after you

To yell Screw you, whoever you are!

He’s fucking me, ask him if he isn’t

Don’t let him deny it

He’s banging me like a wolf

Fucking me up the ass—

Wolf! Ohhh Wolf Wolf Wolf…

Loud enough for her to have heard every word

Loud enough so you would have had to

Explain to her, to lie to her, to make excuses

Tell her you want ME…

That is why you are not with her

And I want to scream at you

What the fuck do you want from me!?


I had the last bit of a single thread left to me

How long did you truly expect me to cling

It was boring and it was frustrating

Couldn’t  you see I’d reached my limit

Waiting for it to be my turn

Waiting for you to realize

You what I wanted you to be

Before we got in too deep?

You were an animal

An object

A void for me to fill



I didn’t know how to play this part

How to say those lines

The degradation you expected me to bear

Why didn’t you try to be me

You seemed to think you understood me

I thought sometimes you did

Better than I ever understood myself

You created this bitch

This monster

You knew me inside and out

I won’t lie to you

You could make me tremble

You still can

You dwell in my thoughts

I can’t shut you out

You make me suffer

Damn damn

double damn! I loved thay pain

You know what?

I think you are jealous of me

You want to suffer my pain

You want to feel my passion

That is exquisite

That is sublime

For the life of me I can’t think

What the fuck do I want?


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