Poetry: Crack in the Sexual Whip


Mimi Wolske

“Trust in those who offer you service and in the end you’ll find yourself in the ranks of those who have been deceived.” Quote from Archduchess Margaret of Austria


Fine —walk away

Oh how you seduced me

with sweet words of trust

and promises of honesty

You were my lover and master

and I became your

saucy French chambermaid

willingly giving you

some of the freedom I love

Thinking of you by day

loving you by night

afraid to go to sleep

for fear of waking to discover

this was all a dream

afraid not to sleep

for fear of losing the

chance to dream

You were my utopia

until I saw the crack

in the sexual whip

a dystopia in disguise

So many disguises you wore

and at the first test of honor

when I was challenged

you betrayed my trust

and set forth the path

to the destruction of dreams

But, I’m stubborn and willful to a fault

and I will not acquiesce

to someone who deceives

And had I a sword I swear

I’d slit you from naval to nose

I shall never willingly

give you my freedom

Wiser I know seduction

wasn’t tempting me to

do what I did not wish to do

You knew precisely how to seduce

enticing me into to doing

all I secretly wanted to do

A life without love is not life

but a love without trust

is never love

You will never yield your way

thus, you will never deserve me

Utopia, it used to mean heaven

Now it is meaningless

(Published January 2010 by Mimi Wolske-Mona Arizona™)

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