mimi – mona poetry: Disguised Only by a Noise

©Disguised Only by a Noise

Mimi Wolske, June 2014

Mimi Wolske – Mona Arizona™

All Rights Reserved


Just as I was about to lose hope

In you rambled, a late guest

To the social media club,

In your dusty, tight jeans and

Your bare chest. I wasn’t sure

Whether you were admiring it

Yourself or not; surely you weren’t

Shy…not with your shirt open.

There I was, about to turn away,

my long breath ready to

Blow on a dandelion so it

Would dance on the wind

While I stepped among the

Wildflowers on my screen,

And I read your comment, full of

Innuendo, to my picture post.

You were an irresistible force,

But I was not an immovable body.

We threw off our faithful

Sweaters and opened our arms

To each other in an

Autumn rendezvous five

Years ago with multiple

Thoughts of a long affair.

A wonderful serendipity

Took possession of our

Souls every sweet

Evening as we lay submerged

Behind a veil of words

And hypnotic emotions.

Masks never hid our smiles

Or our undisguised emotions.

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