POETRY: Belinda’s Anger

©Belinda’s Anger

Mimi Wolske, 2009

Mimi Wolske – Mona Arizona™

All Rights Reserved


Every time I get pissed at you I think

My head is going to explode

My tears are going to flow

My jaw is going to break with the want

To release all the venomous words

My brain has stored because

I’m holding them back

And I hate that

I want to yell

To scream

To shout how much your inconsiderate

Thoughtless actions hurt.


Don’t you see me standing here looking at you

With a face that is red, angry

With emotion and eyes dry,

With mouth closed and I’m

Holding back the tears

And every word,

Every word

I want to spew

At you

In a diatribe inconsiderate

Of your own feelings?


Remember I told you from the beginning

To trust everything I tell you

To believe what I show you

To accept all of the love I give you

Freely and without


And still you

Treat me like this,

Like this,

Like a child, with no consideration

How your mistrust hurts?


Oh, no; don’t baby girl forgive me now

That I’ve had enough of your doubt

That I’m tired of forgiving you

That I’ve taken all

This prison of your

Insecure love

A woman

Can tolerate


She decides, with some consideration,

To walk out that door.


All I ever asked was that you not ask me

About who is missing me

About who is looking for me

About where I came from

Before you met me;

You wouldn’t leave

It alone;

Spying on me,

Going through all

My things—

Inconsiderate bastard—I loved you

Even then, still do


Look at me; can’t you really see, Jeremy,

I’m not some naïve street kid

I’m not some girl from books you write

I’m not the ghosts you paint

Nor the lonely child

You think you love;

I am me

Just Belinda

Wanting all your


Love, needing your doubtless love; I loved you;

Needed you…just you


(Based on one part of Belinda, the novel by Anne Rice writing as Anne Rampling)



Intellectual Property Rights: © 1999 – 2014 Mimi Wolske/Mona Arizona™. All rights reserved.

You may contact me concerning permissions via email. This copyright notice overrides, negates, and renders void any alleged copyright or license claimed by any person or entity, specifically including but not limited to any claim of right or license by any individual, group of individuals, companies and corporations, or web hosting service, except when I have transferred such rights with a signed writing that complies with the requirements for transferring the entire copyright as specified in Title 17 of the United States Code. This includes, but is not limited to, translation or other creation of derivative works, use in advertising or other publicity materials without prior authorization in writing, or any other non-private use that falls outside the fair use exception specified in Title 17 of the United States Code.

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