An erotic love letter—poem—never before published from the journal of Mimi…


© Mimi Wolske, March 2010

All Rights Reserved

 When your eager mouth descended,

it was like lightning charged through me

with a kiss igniting passion,

fingers touched my blood and it boiled

for the want of you inside me.


You pressed against my breast and the

erotic, sensuous prodigy

of you penetrated all of

me, from my roots to finger tips.

There is no knowledge in the throes,


only you, only me, you, me,

me, you, us; our desire blending,

mixing; flowing love from in us,

all around us, like the golden

secret cave you that you thrust into.


When you looked at me, my whole world

blew wide open before it came

back together, and I knew I’d

do anything you wanted…all

you had to do was just ask me.


When you turned me to lie prone,

when you mounted me like a wolf

and growled as you bit my neck, the

earth spun and tossed me into the

abyss while you still embraced me.


How could I know what it meant to

burn for someone until I met

you, until your love burned in me?

This was going to be a letter.

I couldn’t share a letter.


I don’t want to share you ever;

but, dammit, I know I have to.

Yes, I’m selfish…there. I said it.

But you’ve always known I want you,

Only you; only me;…just us.


G-d! I want to cry out your name!

I want everyone to know and

no one to know except for us.

Every message from you, and each

phone call leads me closer to you.

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