PROSE: What I Cannot Say Is Locked Away

© Mimi Wolske, January 2014

All Rights Reserved


The oldest ceremony is the ceremony of locking away the secrets. It is as important this day as it was seven hundred years ago to lock up the fortress and keep outsiders away from secrets. The ceremony can last a nano-second or it may go on as long as the longest night.

The Secret Lady has hidden away things I can’t say to you. My thoughts are wild and I wonder if even her key can keep them locked away for long. A key that could be you. I feel it turning in my heart, in the doorway to my soul, in those corners not yet emptied of ideas and words that would make my mother blush.

Kisses that brush the lips and linger for a moment mean more when hearts are distant.

An embrace that causes life’s breath to flutter like a butterfly’s wings  mean more without you near.

The phone rings louder pleading for an answer amazed at the responses you can arouse even when you are away.

My mind plays games of lips in an endless dance without me when you are silent for even one day.

Distance brings and holds onto memories. Tears of erotic happiness flow from eyes that you call beautiful.

Fantasies would collide if not compartmentalized in dark corners of thought and locked with the key that could be you and that the Secret Lady has hidden.

Until I dare to bring her another lustful thought I can’t say to you.



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