I Had to Shoot

@Mimi Wolske, December 2013

All Rights Reserved


She cried.

Her soft sobs sounded sincere.


Who could be certain about anything

in the middle of the jungle?

I’m sorry.

No response; just teeth biting her bottom


More tears.

She’s dead.

She looked up;

glared at me.

I know.

It was all she said; it was all she had to say.

I wanted to cry, too.

I wanted to run away.

I wanted to take her

in my arms and comfort her,

protect her from the pain.

You’re crying?

I got her cold, disheartened shoulder once more.

They shoot horses, don’t they?

The silent treatment continued.



myself, I tried to imagine

what I would want

someone, anyone, to say to me.

I could only think of what was the truth.

He was almost dead by the time we found him

lying on the ground…

her daughter distraught,


over her…

her large body ripped apart…

I had to shoot—

I had to.

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