©Mimi Wolske, October 2013


All Rights Reservedi




Let us take


A read trip


From being me


From being you


Leave phones and social media behind.


Leave them.


Leave fake names and pics behind;


Leave what has pained us.


Don’t you think we need a break


From them


From us…with us?


We can be silent together;


Two silences no one can sense…


Enveloped in silence, just


Our two voices quiet.


How far can we go


Before we no longer exist


Except as beams of light—


You one beam, me another.


Do you suppose that if


It is to be us,


It needs us?


That it need contain us?


If yes, then let us flee;


Pretend we exist but are lost…


Individuals indivisible invisible


To all between sea and heaven;


Only we see each other.




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