18+ ONLY (Extreme Content) – POETRY: BELLY-SIDE DOWN

Belly-side Down

©September 2013, Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved


I couldn’t help it

I was in the throes

Between a giggle

And a cry and on

My way to the summer sun

Ridden down to

The mattress belly-side

Down and pressed

Between the softness

Of the king-sized bed

And the hardness of you

My fingers tightly

Fisting sheets

Your fingers scratching

A path from hips to thighs

Searching for a

Place where they could

Squeeze and grip

As your teeth were

Sunk into that soft

Place between neck

And shoulder—there

Would be a bruise—

Breasts hanging

Swaying flying

Across rumpled

Sheets abrading

Tender rouged and

Swollen olive nipples

As they danced

I heard your sounds

From deep within

You as they escaped


Each hair on your chest

Tormented my back

Titillating me

To dance the dance

With you as you

Climbed like a

Hungry wolf to

Find your satisfaction

The sound of your

Balls slapping my

Wet, swollen pussy

The clap, clap, clapping

Of our thighs


Us to perform

The rapid circling

Of my index

Finger on my clit

Driving the message

Faster faster

And then

You rose

Exposing our

Sweating bodies

To the cool air

Just as you tossed

Me into the

Abyss screaming

Your name

Wanting surcease

You growled and

I was flooded

With your hot cum

All I could think of

Was You

And me

And a perfect ten

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