Key to Release

©Mona Arizona, July 2013

All Rights Reserved


(“Madam, I need you to remain calm and trust me. I’m a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release”)



In a place full of secrets

I will unlock yours;

I’m definitely wild at heart.

There’s a hard-wired thing

With me; I’m not good

At being told I can’t do

Something, or that I have to

Do something. Immediately,

I start resisting the situation

And overreact when my

Attention is directed.


I spot manipulation,

Then I play along…

How far will he try to go?

Diversions, half-truths,

Evasiveness, lies by

Omission. Be honest.

Everything done,

Everywhere gone to

Is done for a chance

With a woman. It’s gone now,

That youth you wish

You’d taken advantage of.

Or, it has changed.

It’s a balancing act;

Get used to the ride.

I don’t want guys

Flying off the walls.

I just want you.


Contrary to opinion,

However sated I get,

I always look after me.

So, come to me. If you

Can fool me with a

New muscled chest

Or seductive lips,

Then I’m happy to be

Fooled. I’m not afraid

Of wrinkles, not in

Myself, not in men,

Not in you. I find

Them interesting.


In a place full of secrets,

I want to trust you, sir.

You’re a professional?

Is that what you

Imagine? Don’t try

To manipulate. I

Make my own decisions.

Watch as I

Remove the pillow

And become the

Key to your release.


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