Take My Favour My Love

©May 2013, Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


Someplace in my dreams I built this castle

Where we may linger in its heart and live

Larger than any memories recall.


Outside the walls, suppuration of those

Hardens as pungent teardrops from their eyes

Fall upon their purulent mouths of lies.


I hate this war of their creation; why

Must there be this battle against fears held

In some bizarre loop of infinity?


Let us ne’er tread, nearly drowning, flustered,

Near that garden of worms inching their way

To the sweet fruit of our existing

Love, to trap us in the loneliness they

Created for themselves, surreally throned

At the lowest level of uncordial

Caring and responsibility.


What enemy doth prevent us the air

That rustles with hope and love and ardor?

May we not stroll arm in arm, hand in hand,

Heart against heart openly declaring

Our closeness as they never could or will?


In this castle, we may combine moments

Of happiness and longing to our souls

Without falling from the tower of some

Other dimension, without moving on,

Or without another passionate kiss.


In this castle, in the tower, in an

Unseen corner, I shall wait on my knees,

Keeping to the dark corner ne’er mentioned; but

How will I still my heart at your approach?

Absurdly, I’ll call out your name letting

You know I am not, I would never hide.


Within your protective arms, the tattoo

Of every heartbeat sends comforting

Messages your love was returned at a

Hundredfold; know mine beats only for you.

I cannot stop it… I cannot kill it…

I would ne’er try for someplace in my dreams

And in the moments of wakefulness, your

Warmth will always be felt, always be known,

Free from all deception and illusion,

Full of love that our mouths water after.


Send them away, to some other widow;

I want not the shoes of the dead but the

Boots of my love, alive, strong, and virile.

Hasten this battle to its wicked end;

Come home the victor to my waiting heart.


Return, my prince, to this waiting castle

Where we can linger in its heart and live

Larger than any memories recall.

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