One Hundred Hands Waiting to Pleasure Me

©May 2013, Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved


Rolling hills and expansive lawns

Took me to the isolated

Grove of trees and statues of fauns.

Then, as if it could be fated,

Inside the circle of trees, I

Strolled among the ornamental

Flower beds, which seemed to rely

On their aroma and cordial

Colors to draw my attention.

A nearby stream was heard flowing

And I expected nymphs upon

The expansive grounds unknowing

It was statues of goddesses

That did attract my interest.

Love and lust of Venus and Bes

Did their best to create unrest

And to overstimulate my

Desirous curiosity.

He stood in a temple nearby;

The winged Eros made me antsy,

Not for his arrow but his touch.

Making my way to the temple,

Praying he would reach out and clutch

My hair and drag me in blissful

Submission to a nearby tree,

Rend my clothes from me, and take his

Pleasure, demanding yet truly

Lovingly, granting me a wish.

Before he becomes a statue

Once more, will he love me again,

And maybe more? A carnal coup…

Not even a goddess would ken.

Satiated, Eros pledges

To send a man who will love me

And who will, among the sedges,

Have a hundred hands pleasure me.


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