©May 2013, Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved


I sensed you before I saw you

You entered the room

Bigger than life and taking up more space than any man should

I swallowed my breath

My lungs trapped and locked it…

I thought I would suffocate

My heart plummeted to my belly and danced

My blood heated and raced through my veins

My voice became trapped in my throat

My mouth became dry as cotton and mocked my voice

I had a sudden thirst and only you could quench it

It was always that way

I could watch you undetected across the room


Mentally sniffing the aroma that was you

Imagining how you might taste

Touching your muscled body beneath your clothes

Did nothing but fill me with a greed

A greed that threatened to overwhelm my senses

I wanted it all





You had only to exist in my presence

To drive me mad

To push me beyond hope

To consume my every thought

With desire

To make every pore of my skin tingle

To burn me with passion

And more…so much more

Has any woman envied clothes as much as I

I begrudged everything that touched your body

I couldn’t control the jealousy

I felt it for the air your breathed

I felt it for every eye that looked upon you with eros

You brushed my side as you passed

Just barely

It left me wanting more

A longing grew that could not remain hidden

Could not be a secret

Not from you

It grew until I became bold


Daring enough to catch your eye

To knowingly touch your mind

With seduction

With a promise

Your smile said more than hello

It caressed my lips

Embraced me

Stroked the hunger in us both

It was raw—it was delicious

It asked questions only I could answer

It answered only questions I dared ask

It freed me, enticed, seduced, and thrilled

It conquered me and claimed me

It said you were enthralled

And in that moment I swear…

We became infinite

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