Billfold Lover

 ©May 2013, Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


 He watched her arrive some

Fifteen minutes later

Sweeping into the room

Apologizing for her

Late arrival, people

Watching to see if he

Would remain hard as steel.

He took her hand, slowly

Brought it to his lips, kissing

Her fingers bringing back

Reflections of fawning

Over her with such knack

Such finesse, with such flair

She tossed her head back, laughed,

Joking about his care

Asking him was he daft?

Not when our guests are here.

But his eyes were cruel.

His words would be severe;

They would make her bristle.

Never the jealous type,

He did demand that she

Not give him any hype

Or false publicity

About her new affair.

Play the part of his wife…

He could be her nightmare,

Filling her life with strife…

Devoted and caring.

Slowly, she pulled her hand

From his grip; bold, daring,

So he would understand

She would not be afraid

Of his threats anymore.

She gave up her charade;

She would never adore

A man who tortured her

While playing a part for his

Associates. Bitter,

He called out her name, “Liz!”

His hand rose for a blow.

Defiantly she stood

Her ground, would not let go.

“Chico, you are no good!”

His slap was backhanded,

Striking hard on her face.

She felt it like acid.

“Bitch! You are a disgrace!”

“Bastard! Look what you’ve done!”

Her cheek began to bleed.

Onlookers wouldn’t run.

Her friend tried to impede.

Their row became a din

As others’ objected,

But none rushed to help. Then,

Liz shoved and insisted

He get out of her house.

His cut would leave a scar

And she was told to douse

The cut left by her tzar.

He never wanted Liz

For more than fun and sex;

Property of Schultz’s—

They had reached their vertex.

He stormed out of her home;

She ran crying to Fawn;

She just whispered “shalom,”

Holding her…it was done.

In time she would concur

Once she did discover

That he’d only used her

As his billfold lover.

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