Slipping Into Tomorrows

Slipping Into Tomorrows

©May 2013, Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


As the sun shines on you

As you walk the wooded path

I’m the one who has to pace her faith

Oh, how did we come to be here

It’s so very like what’s been before

You couldn’t be anyone else, just you

You call me your dream

And you take my hand

Then you choose that moment

To make the sun shine on me

And it all feels so unreal

Yes, I’m in love with you

And all the colors of the

Rainbow are brighter

Slipping into tomorrows

But let’s keep our yesterdays

As photographs of great times

That were too good to forget

If you stop the clock’s hands

Can it be when we’re together

Never turn back those hands of time

It might bring the rain and then

We would find our old selves

Towing the sunlight away

And trying to get back to today

Imagination steps through the door

Read me your story

And I’ll write you mine

(We never worried about our ages

No matter what our critics said)

I’ll paint our likenesses every year

Images to last til the end of time

So, hide the keys, oh, hide those keys

Hide the keys from me, please

And I will hide them, too

Hide the duplicate from you

So we can stay

In this room of our minds

Sharing this heaven for all time

I know you would never let

Them break me emotionally

As long as you hold the key

Let’s stroll that wooded path

That sunlit path, my hand in yours

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