Your Strength

©April 2013, Mona Arizoan

All Rights Reserved


You have no idea of the power you hold

Over me or of your strength;

Has it eluded you?

I know you are not so

Bourgeois conventional

To believe all those lies

All those falsehoods

That were whispered

And screamed at you in anger

Before you woke up

Took a look around

With your eyes wide open and

Saw what was and what could be and

Decided it was time to walk away.


One look at you causes my heart

To flutter and takes

Away my very breath.

You excite other women

With your Kratos-like strength

And Adonnis good looks

And I smile as you play them

As you manipulate their strings

Like a master puppeteer

And they laugh and flirt

Unaware of what you do

Feel proud I told you I knew you had

A reason for every word you said…

That our trust was strong enough to share


I have known your strength

Longer than most, the

Strength in your character

I felt it the first time you touched me

I saw it in your steely resolve

When you tried more than once

To analyze me…but I pushed back

I knew the first time

Your lips touched mine

That it’s the strength I admire and love

I doubt it will happen

But if you ever feel your strength

Fading and want to borrow a bit from me

Touch your lips to mine

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