On the Steps

©April 2013 Mona Arizona

All Rights Reserved



Of the power I hold

Of how much you enjoy

The ways I find to seduce you

Like the afternoon i

Performed a slow striptease

Or the night I gave you

A lap dance and made me smile

At the excitement building in your body

Oh, and the time I bought that cheap dress

Just so you could rip it off my trembling body

Now that I’m sure you are ready for more

I have created a path to make your mouth water

My Lucchese cowgirl boots are by the back door

Jeans folded and laid on sofa in the living room

My Reed Krakoff “Parrot” t-shirt

You laugh at is on a dining room chair


I’m lying on my back on the landing

My head hanging off—upside down

My dark hair flowing over the steps

(like it does when we’re in bed

In the throes of… well…)

Wearing only my Gibson corset

And my breasts trying to fall out

Those black silk stockings

That you like me to keep on…

You can remove them—with your teeth

The scene is set and I’m

Waiting for you to notice the trail

And come ravish me


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