I Remember

©April 2013, Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


 Here I am, reminiscing again

I do that when you’re not here

I’m playing the music you like

I’ve lit the scented candles that relax you

And the large tub we both like to play in

Is filling with warm water and

Rose-scented oil as I lean against it

My long, nude legs crossed at the ankles

I’m daydreaming, planning, fantasizing

What I will do to please you


I’ll undress you, my love,

Slowly and tenderly kissing




Every iota of your naked flesh

As it becomes revealed and revered

Then, when you finally stand before me

Bare and raw and so deliciously tempting

I know I’ll never be able to tear myself away


Sit on the edge of our tub

I shall kneel before you with

My hands placed on your thighs

So I can lick my way



With soft nips interposed


The quickening beat of my heart

To the treasure of jewels that are you


Your hands in my hair become my massage

The desired wetness of you coating me becomes my bath

Your grunts and your growls become my music

As I feast upon you

While you try to maintain control

To slow


What will be impossibly the greatest

Shuddering release you’ve ever had

And I will hold your pulsating body to the end


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