Wrap Me in Your Blanket

©April 2013, Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


Vultures and thieves at my back

Their endlessness is what I dread

And the straight line of

Their deceit wearies me

It is more than their


For you that alters their

Artificial personalities

When they turn their attacks

Upon me driving me to near

Distraction and fits of anger

Purple vestiges

Of memories

That once poured from my veins

In poetic verse metrically

Profound with weightless

Angelic peace and love

Unadorned and honest

In its comprehensive


Have fallen away due to

Distraction and lack of

Concentration needed

To create worry free

I lack the comprehension

Of how women can be

Vicious and cruel to women

Leaving wreckage with

Their name painted all over it

Lips with upturned corners

Glistening from my kisses

And anticipation

Eyes slowly dilating observing

You gazing at my nipples


Against my thin, silk blouse and

I’m painfully aware it was you

Who saw how I suffered

Their torture and survived

I think they are gone, I say

Good riddance, you say

Wrapping me

In your blanket and

Dancing me around

Leading me

Away from the wake and

The fragments of debris

From the deposits of what

Barely exists of the

Vultures and the thieves

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