The Mask You Gave Me

©April 2013, Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


I’ll be a prisoner of history soon enough

Until the day my toes no longer

Wiggle in your sheets

My nose no longer inhales your scent

I no longer sense your nearness

Or hear your breaths

Coming harshly and quickly

Until my skin no longer

Recognizes your skin or

My hand stops gripping for purchase

As my tongue enjoys

The many tastes of your maleness

My memory loses photos of you

And I never see you again

I will continue to change my masks

To be the many persons who need freedom

To be the woman you desire

The lover you hunger for

The one you share your triumphs

And joys and anger and laughter with

The alpha female your alpha male demands

And to be singularly yours

When all this ends

And only then

I will remove my final mask

And lay it on the earth

Where it will wait for yours

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