All Hail the Orgasmatron!

©April 2013 Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


Panting toward the finish line

Dripping with the sweet sweat

Of the drug-race orgasm

Profit-driven pathologization

Of female sexuality

Drug companies manufacture

A disease and add another

Insecurity where none exist

So they can treat them

In nonorgasmic women

Prescribing pills or vagioplasty

All Hail the Orgasmatron

This century’s hysteria

Becomes the dysfunctional

nonorgasmic female

Comforted only by taking her place

In history lying alongside the

Nymphomaniac and the frigid woman

A company will never understand

The complicated female sexuality

And not every doctor on

CNN should be trusted

All Hail the Orgasmatron!

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