A Tomorrow of Yesterdays

©April 2013, Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


She waited until tomorrow

Waited for the promise once more

For the lies that asphyxiate

To dissipate and disappear


She tarried among the hours

Of today anticipating

The fraction of a second when

The sun rose so that she might sing


Was the promise only implied

Like an anticipated storm

When the clouds threaten overhead

But gods never get to perform


She waited today and the next

She waited a month of todays

Never being invisible

Refusing to be on display


Out of sight—out of mind they say

Was she going out of her mind

Tomorrows became yesterday

And all her todays were enshrined


She lived never really living

Only waiting all of her life

Because life is lived ev’ry day

If we want more than a half-life


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