I’ve Written a Hundred Letters

©April 2013 Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved


The desert’s still here but it’s changed

Since I last lived here

It’s crowded and nearly gone…

Gone are the cowboys riding into town on their horses

Not in trucks and cars like they do today

Gone are the cattle and the cattle guards

And the long waits while they crossed the road

And the smell of money from the stockyards

I miss the old man

Driving his mule-pulled wagon and

His two dogs running behind

I used to watch out the university’s window for him

Gone is the open desert

It’s filled with blacktop and apartments and

Poorly insulated out-of-place houses



The only thing to look forward to

Is my time with you

A month here…a week there

Taking road trips and having fun playing


You reminded me of another item to add to my list

I like that you’re taking charge of

Handling the music

I like that you’re taking charge of

Handling me, too

I like that it was you who picked what you said

Would be our song—

Oh, a thought…did you include it on the MP3 you’re making


I’m about to take that long walk again

From the plane with my

Suitcase in one hand and

My passport in the other and feeling smug

Since I don’t have to declare the toys

But I admit I’m praying they don’t look through my leather bag


When I see you, what I want…

What I really want,

Is to run to you

And hug you and kiss you and not worry

About who might be in the airport

Who might recognize you but not know me

And wonder why you’re hugging and kissing me

I want to lift my blouse and show you my girls

They’ve grown…as you know

But, I’ll wait until we get in your car

Before I free them and lift my skirt

Just to tease you—okay, and tease myself, too.



I’ve written a hundred letters

To you

They’re all here,

On the cocktail table in front of me,

Never sent

I think maybe I’ll bring some of them

The ones filled with all that mush I was feeling

When I missed you so desperately and

Wanted you to return for

Another hug,

A kiss,

To cop a feel

So I could feign surprise and squeal

And giggle like a school girl and

Turn into your waiting arms and

Fall into your kiss

Lips first


Have I mentioned I’m totally bored

With having no contact

Except by phone and email

And that I miss that social fun, the interaction with that

Part of your life

I excluded


From a few months ago

I value your

Opinion of me

I value your

Feelings for me

And it hurts enough to make me want to shout

Out loud

(With profanity to get your attention)

And demand you tell me why

The answer is


Each time I ask

So, when I get there

Talk about angry sex—

Expect It Bone Daddy!

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