Each Silent Reply

©Mimi Wolske, April, 2013

All Rights Reserved


As sunlight played over her golden skin

From the window where she half sat, half leaned

Casually, her coltish legs crossed at

The ankles and her rosy lips smiling,

She was a magnetically appealing

Vision, one he knew he’d never forget.


He knew how to manipulate her, make

Her feel pleasure, pain, shame, and anger; but

Did that mean he really knew her, or the

Secrets of her heart and mind, or the things she

Dreamed of, or the things she hoped for; would he

Ever know the great mystery of her?


Reaching forward, he twisted a grizzled

Curl around one finger, still stunned after

All this time by the trusting way she had

Of offering herself to him, making

His lustful thoughts fly to images of

Throwing her across the bed…taking her.


With her, he was never capable of

Making love in silence, making the act

Purely physical rather than the shared

Emotional experience that she

Encouraged with her passionate moaning

And intimate cries that were revealing.


He steeled himself not to move as her gaze

Wandered over his naked chest slowly,

Appraisingly, as though it was the first

Time she had seen him, and he waited for

That flash of timid curiosity

Before her fingers reached to touch his skin.


The scent and nearness of her came over

Him in a rush and he knew he had to

Have her now; he spoke in Norwegian, the

Soft, guttural words he knew she did not

Understand, his breath burning the skin of

Her neck as he spoke the words of desire.


I want you. I want to be inside you,

And to feel your arms and legs around me.

I want to make love to you and hold you;

And then, before the afternoon sunlight

Fades and the moon shines and we lie sated,

I want you like an animal would mate.


She arched away, her back pressing against

The glass of the window, and studied him.

For a long moment, the only sound was

The soft whir of the ceiling fan before

Her hand found his and she gently entwined

Their fingers and pulled him to the bedroom.

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