©Mimi Wolske, February 2013

All Rights Reserved


Raze the garden walls…

There’s no gregarious rock…

Such a barrier appalls,

Though some may not squawk.


Drain the sky of stars,

When they’re meant to conspire

And keep themselves afar

In a midnight quagmire.


A hurricane could not

Open the safe of jewels;

For even Ra has naught

To hold back life’s spicules.


Who is it who ignores

The feints outside the window,

The plea that implores,

An imprecation held in escrow?


Forced amnesia flaunts

False trust; despair hovers at the edge

Of the lie as it daunts,

As it holds like a kedge.


Rubies mingle with coral,

In the jewelry box of friendship,

Waiting for the master, a fickle

Lover in a dreamer’s courtship.


I look for a sublease—

So, everyone, raise your goblets,

And for the sake of peace,

Different people, different closets.

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